Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Live from the Apple Store!

Those Apple geniuses are most ingenious. Today I walked in with a busted iPhone, and I'm walk out with a brand new one! All it cost me was about as much as I paid for it originally. Oops! But, it didn't merely clear up the busted main logic board that meant the phone would only display the Apple logo and some scary 1980s-looking code. It also cleared up: the loose front glass, the scratches on the camera lens, the wonky input that meant I had to jiggle the connector to get it to charge, and tons of scratches, dust, and a tiny hole in the display. So it was a pricey repair, but it got me a brand new magical iPhone, which means it's harder to complain about. Now I think it's time to call it a day on my 61% charged phone and let it continue restoring once I get home.

Reporting live from the Apple Store on sunny Boylston Street, this is your intrepid reporter. Word to the bird.

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