Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Living in the cloud

My phone died recently, but aside from the cost of replacement, it was not painful because so little of my info is stored on the actual device. I live in the cloud, so I'm a lot less vulnerable to hardware failures. All my recent files, plus a lot of my archives, are on Google Drive. My to-do list is on Workflowy. My music is on Rhapsody (except for the stuff that isn't). My photos are on iCloud, and I'm planning to double up on Dropbox. A couple years ago, my work computer crashed and I just grabbed a random laptop and barely skipped a beat.

The cloud is idiot-proof, which is great for me since I'm an idiot. Now I can drop my phone in the toilet without incident! No more forgetting to email documents to myself, or losing flash drives. I still prefer Powerpoint to Google Presentation, but if I forget to close the file at home, it's not updated at school. But Google Drive saves with every keystroke. That's exactly the kind of idiot-proofing I need.

Plus, it's called The Cloud. I love clouds!

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