Saturday, August 16, 2014

Going off(ish) the grid

I used to get lost a lot, but now the magical iPhone in my pocket always knows where to send me. The magical iPhone in my pocket can tell me the weather, and give me messages from the wife and friends, it can show me movies and let me play games and give me news. I know the answer to any question, because once I take the magical iPhone out of my pocket, I have the entire internet at my whim. And if you believe I yam who I yam in part due to the magical iPhone in my pocket, doesn't that sort of make me a cyborg?

Tomorrow I'm planning to ditch the magical iPhone. We're headed to Maine to a semi-remote island, around five hours from home, and I'm going to attempt to go off(ish) the grid. The island has 332 residents and no restaurants, one store, one "tea room." I'm leaving my computer at home, and while I'm keeping the phone for emergencies (and, okay, weather), I'm moving email and Instagram and Facebook and games to the purgatory of the back pages, by Fandango and Flappy Bird. I'm going as off the grid as I reasonably can, spending a week reading physical paper books, writing with a pen and notebook. I'm going... analog. Hope it's a nice week for you until I return. Cheers.

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